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Wrigley Field Capacity
Ticket Availability:
Wrigley Field is nearly sold out every day, regardless of how the team is performing. There will be a handful of tickets available through the primary ticket market, with Standing Room Only tickets made available on gameday; the best bet is to compare prices at reputable online ticket brokers like Ticket Network and Awesome Seating; you can also buy tickets on the streets outside Wrigley Field, but I'd recommend doing research online beforehand in order have a feel for the market value of the tickets you're looking for...scalpers on the street have been known to hold on and sell for above face value even after the first pitch, so don't assume you'll be able to walk up and get a last-second steal.
Wrigley Field is located in a residential neighborhood, and parking is limited. Public transportation (the Red Line) is recommended. However, if you are driving to the game, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you BUY YOUR PARKING IN ADVANCE ONLINE at one of the nearby private lots. Doing so will save you a ton of hassles - the inconvenience of trying to find a spot near Wrigley cannot be understated.
Wrigley Field is organized around "aisles" rather than sections, as in modern stadiums. So, a ticket in "Aisle 10" could be on the left or right of the walkway, depending on seat number. Seat numbers on the right side (as you face the field) begin with #1, starting at the aisle, and seats on the left start with #101.

Wrigley Field Seat numbers
Seat numbers on right of aisle (facing the field) begin with #1. On the other side of the same aisle, seat numbers start at #101...

Best View at Wrigley Field

Obviously, Club Box on the lower level between the dugouts, and the first few rows (Dugout/Bullpen Box) offer perhaps the closest views in the majors...but here are some more affordable options where the view is surprisingly good:


Field Box (infield) 111-131:
Classic lower level seats between the 1st and 3rd base that are not covered nor obstructed. You feel (and are) really close to the action, even from the back rows. These sections are just behind a walkway, so the first few rows may have to deal with excessive traffic.

Upper Deck Box (infield) 411-430:
These are the uncovered/un-obstructed upper deck seats between the bases. They offer a great birds-eye view of the entire field, with seats on enough of an incline to be able to see all the action over the person in front of you.

Wrigley Field - Section 425 view

Wrigley Field Section 425 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData


Although this is a small, intimate ballpark, NOTE that there are many obstructed view seats that you'll want to avoid if looking for a great view.

Sections 205-239 rows 6 and higher:
These sections have poles in them in the 6th row, so views will be obstructed for parts of the field in rows 6 and higher. The poles are generally on the aisle, so chose seat numbers that end in higher numbers (10+, 110+), but the higher row number you go, the more "in play" these poles become. Furthermore, anything row 15 and higher will also be obstructed by the upper deck, blocking views to scoreboards, fly balls, and the sky.

Upper Deck Reserved sections 503-538
By modern standards, this upper deck is still very close to the action. However, the drawback up here is the columns, which are in the first row and on the aisles. You may get lucky if you pick lower rows, middle seats #4/104 and higher. The higher row you go, the more chance for obstruction by the poles.

Wrigley Field Obstructed Seats (section 215)

Obstructed View at Cubs games

Best Value Seats for Cubs Games


Upper Deck Box (infield) 411-430:
Relatively affordable seats with a great view. In the "Friendly Confines", no seats are too far from the action, but these sections make you seem like you are right on top of it.

Bleachers (General Admission):
These seats give you a true Wrigley experience at an affordable price. And you may even leave with a homerun ball!

Sheffield Ave:
There is an opening in the fence out here, where you can peer into the game for may need to deal with excessive foot traffic, and the view isn't the greatest, but you can see the game.

Wrigley's cheapest view

You truly get what you pay for here at Wrigley. If you shop around a few different brokers, you will find a seat that meets your needs at a price you can live with...if not, make a trip to Wrigleyville anyway, catch some balls on Waveland Avenue during batting practice, then find a spot in one of the many nearby watering holes and watch the game on TV - you don't want to miss the atmosphere of Wrigleyville on gameday.

Best Seats for Families at Wrigley

Note that Wrigley Field does not offer reduced children's price tickets, but children age 2 and under do not need a ticket. It is expected that these children will sit on a parent's lap.


Alcohol Free Section 101:
Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in this section. Note that this section is exposed to the elements, so make sure to bring sunscreen and dress/pack weather appropriate clothing - the breeze off the lake can be cool! NOTE: the sun will set behind you.

Upper Deck Reserved 500 level sections:
If you are looking for value seats, these are them. Although some seats may have obstructed view, this may not be an issue for a young child who may not be paying attention to the game anyway (and there are skyline views up here). Also, these seats provide protection from the elements...and are not far at all from the action. Infield sections 511-530 are just a couple bucks more expensive than the outfield sections, and may be worth the better view for the parent who is into the game.

Wrigley Field - Section 514 seat view

Although the ballpark is named the "Friendly Confines", some would argue that the ballpark is not child-friendly at all, given the "social" aspect of the park. This is a matter of personal taste, do whatever you are comfortable with, but be aware:

A very social place, where the Old Style seems to flow a little stronger than other places within the ballpark. Described anywhere from "rowdy" to "frat party atmosphere", it may be uncomfortable for some people to have their children in this environment.

Best Sections for The Social Scene at Wrigley

It's been said that all of Wrigley Field is a social scene. While that may be true, two areas are just more social than the rest:


Whether you prefer left field or right field, the general admission Bleacher sections are just slightly crazier than other sections of the ballpark. Described as "rowdy" and "frat party atmosphere"; besides drinking Old Style, a favorite pastime in the bleachers is to play a game of "Moundball" sure to bring a bunch of $1 bills. If you've never played, there are many variations; you can find some rules here and here, it is sure to keep you involved in the game, regardless of how the Cubbies are doing. Best if played with more than 3 people - if your group isn't that large, the Wrigley bleachers are the perfect place to make friends and form a group large enough to play.

Rooftops (outside of Wrigley):
Although not located inside the ballpark, the Rooftop Decks are endorsed by the Cubbies, and put on quite the party with all inclusive food and beverages. Most are geared towards group outings, but some offer seating for groups as small as 2 people.


Alcohol-Free Section 101:
Alcohol is not sold, nor allowed to be consumed, in this section down the left field line (ironically located right next to the bleachers).

Leaving before the 7th inning stretch:
You won't want to miss the entire ballpark, often led by a celebrity, singing and swaying to "Take Me Out to The Ballgame".

Best Seating Options for Impressing Guests


Dugout Box 16-26:
Face value $100 to $350 (depending on game); These seats are between the dugouts, first few rows at field level and are close enough to hear the umpire's call. I'm not sure you'll find a closer seat in baseball than these.

Bullpen Box Sections 32-34:
Face Value $230; These seats are down the right field line, just past the visitors dugout in front of the bullpen. Offers a great view of the game, great photo ops, and autograph opportunities if you arrive early enough (players cannot sign autographs within 45 minutes of game time).

Field Box OF Section 104:
Worked for Ferris Bueller


Bleachers 337-342:
These are the bleacher seats that are furthest from home plate and most unlikely to have a ball hit into them. If you buy bleacher tickets and show up right at game time, these are the seats you may be sitting in (under the scoreboard)...make sure to show up early if you have bleacher seats, and sit in the more desirable left or right field sections.

Upper Deck Reserved (503-509, and 532-538):
Although not far away or too high up from the action when compared to other ballparks, many of these seats have obstructed views. Almost any other section in this ballpark would be more impressive if you're trying to seal the deal.

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball


Bleacher sections 301-318:
The place to be during batting practice (or games) to catch homeruns. Gates open 2 hours before gametime. Cubs batting practice will run from 2.5 hours before game time to roughly 1-hour,40-minutes (100 minutes) before, with visitors BP running from 90 minutes through 45 minutes prior to gametime. If you have seats in sections 301-315, these are general admission, so you'll want to be here pretty early anyway to stake you claim on a front row seat (or whatever works for you). The later you wait to get into the ballpark, the more chance you have at being stuck under the scoreboard. And don't forget, you can get food and beer at reduced prices until an hour before gametime.

Field Box OF Section 104:
Worked for Ferris Bueller

Club Box OF Section 4:
Almost worked for Bartman

Waveland and Sheffield Avenues:
This experience is actually FREE. During batting practice, there will be many balls hit out into the streets. Keep your head up and your glove ready.


Terrace Reserved 204-239:
These are below the upper deck, so balls rarely make it back here, particularly in the back rows. Note also that the upper deck & suite levels block the view of flyballs.

500 level sections:
The roof blocks many balls from getting up here.

Best Seats for Getting Autographs at Wrigley


Club Box 4-8 and 34-38:
Best place to get autographs of the teams during their batting practice; The best time to get Cubs autographs is during Cubs batting practice (from the time the gates open -- 2 hours before game time -- until 90 minutes before game time) in Club Box sections 4-8. You will have more time to solicit autographs from the visiting team by waiting by the wall in Sections 34-38, who will be out for stretching and batting practice from 45-90 minutes before the game. You don't necessarily need a seat in these sections to be there during batting practice, but beware that the ushers may ask you to leave if you don't have a ticket for the section, should it get crowded or the seat owners arrive.

Player's Parking Lot:
Not really seats, but if you miss out before the game, you can wait by the players parking lot near the corner of Clark and Waveland after the game. This will be hit or miss.


Showing up less than 45 minutes before gametime:
MLB rules prohibit players from signing autographs within 45 minutes of gametime

Wrigley Field's Unique seating options


Rooftop seats
These are arguably the signature seats of Wrigley Field...and they aren't even in Wrigley. There are 15 buildings on Sheffield (right field) and Waveland (left field) Avenues that are officially endorsed by the Cubs to sell rooftop seats -- that peek into the stadium. Most of these cater to group outings (10+), but there are a few that will sell to smaller groups, depending on availability. These are typically all inclusive deals, meaning beverages, food, and your view of the game are included in your price (typically $100-$200 per person).

Rooftop Seat view


This cozy gem of a stadium, and the surrounding neighborhood, offer perhaps the most unique experience in all of baseball!

Wrigley Field Parking
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