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Comerica Park attendance and capacity
Ticket Availability:
While the team is in rebuild mode, tickets for Tiger games at Comerica Park should be a slightly easier to come by than in the early/mid 2010's. Although there will be some seats available on the primary market, the best seats will be found on the secondary market through reputable sites such as Ticket Network and Vivid Seats. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.
Reselling Tickets ("scalping"):
Reselling tickets within 500 yards (1500 feet) of Comerica Park is prohibited

Best View at Comerica Park

The best view in just about any ballpark comes on the lower level between the dugouts, and Comerica Park is no different. Sections 120-135 offer the very best view, with prices ranging from $30 on the outer sections (120 and 135) up to over $200 for the first few rows behind the plate when we searched on Ticket Liquidator.

Another great view is from the first 5 rows of the upper deck around the plate. These rows are considered "Club" seats, with Club sections 321-333 offering a great, elevated view and a padded seat. Tickets here will run in the $50-$75 range for most games online.

Great Seating View from Comerica Park Section 332

Comerica Park Section 332 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Value Sections at Comerica Park

Section 150 view Comerica Park
click image to enlarge

For as little as $4 or $5, you will be able to find tickets to many games for Left Field Pavillion sections 149-150 on Ticket Network. While these seats are far away from home plate, they are close to the visitor's bullpen, and we have been able to get 2nd row seats for under $10 -- even during a successful 2011 season.

If this view is too far away, you may want to consider sections down the foul lines, particularly OF Box 116-117 or 138-140 -- or even Lower Baseline 141...which, compared to their adjacent sections, offer nearly the same great view at a fraction of the cost.

Best Seats for Families

Comerica Park is a great ballpark for families with small children. In addition to the carousel in the food court (Big Cat Court), there is also a Ferris wheel with baseball-shaped cars. Both of these features are on the lower level, with the carousel/Big Cat Court at section 119, and the Ferris Wheel near the beergarden at section 131. Therefore, ideal seats for families with children looking for this type of distraction would be between sections 119 and 131...which happen to be around homeplate (and expensive).

Another (cheaper) option is to buy tickets in the lower deck sections 131-151, and enter the ballpark through the main gate (Gate A) on the west side of the stadium near section 119 - (closest to Woodward Avenue and the Fox Theatre). By entering here, you'll pass by both features on your way to your seats - and once again upon exit. The lower deck section numbers increase as you make your way down the left field line towards centerfield, and the price generally gets lower the further you go. As mentioned above, tickets can be had for as little as $5 on Ticket Network to some of the left field sections.

Ferris Wheel and Carousel at Comerica Park

Ferris Wheel at Comerica Park Comerica Park Carousel

Best sections for the Social Scene

When the Tigers are winning (and they've been doing a lot of that lately), the entire ballpark is a social scene...but usually not too rowdy for a family to enjoy the atmosphere as well. The Tiger Den offers a good scene, and there is also a Beer Hall located by section 131. Although there is no view of the field from the beerhall, there are plenty of monitors to keep tabs on the tabbys while enjoying many of the different beers on tap.

Beer Hall inside Comerica Park
Tiger Den Seating arrangement

Best Sections for impressing guests

Sitting right behind the plate or dugout in any ballpark will definitely impress any guests you are with, but at Comerica Park, the most impressive seats would have to be those in The Tiger Den. These seats around the upper half of the lower deck between the dugouts are actually wide, padded, moveable chairs with a side table. These tickets will also give you access to a few exclusive clubs within Comerica Park: The Tiger Den Lounge by section 131, The Tiger Club (near section 112), and the CLE Cigar Bar (adjacent The Tiger Club). In addition to the great view from your seats in the Tiger Den, you can also order off a menu and have your concessions brought to you (the price on the menu is about the same as at the concessions). We've found Tiger Den seats for as little as $75 on Vivid Seats.

Tiger Den seats and tables

Best seats to catch a ball

The best seats for getting a homerun ball, especially during batting practice, are located in sections 101-106, particularly 104-105. You won't need a ticket to be here during batting practice, but get here when the gates open 1-1/2 hours before gametime to catch the beginning of visitor's batting practice (Tigers batting practice ends at about this time). Note, also, that quite often teams do not take batting practice before day games, particularly late in the season.

If a foul ball is just fine with you, this interactive graphic from the Detroit Free Press shows that the most common areas for foul balls are sections clustered down the right and left field lines...Sections 112-117 and 135-140 accounted for almost half of all the foul balls tracked by the Free Press on this day.

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Best seats for getting autographs

If you're looking to get autographs, make sure to arrive when gates open - 90 minutes before gametime. Because players are not allowed to sign autographs after 45 minutes before gametime, there is only a 45 minute window (from 90 minutes to 45 minutes prior to gametime) for you to get autographs. Although the Tigers will be done with batting practice, some players will be milling around by the dugout, and sections 136-140 would be the place to find them (particularly section 136) as they come back into the dugout. Further down the left field line around section 140, you are likely to find some pitchers for the visitors hanging around, as the bullpens are in left field. Also, the visitors will be coming and going from their dugout during batting practice - so the place to be is in sections 116-119. Even if you don't have a ticket to the prime autograph areas, security will allow you to hang out in these sections up until 45 minutes before gametime.

Section 119 - ideal for visitor's autographs

Comerica Park Section 119 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Comerica Park's unique seats

The most unique seats that Comerica Park offers are the Tiger Den seat/table arrangement, as described above in the "Impressing Guests" section. Comerica Park was the first Major League ballpark to offer such seats. While most new ballparks consist of 3 levels (Lower, Club/Suite, and Upper), Comerica was built with just 2 levels; and the amenities usually offered in Club Level are offered in the Tiger Den seats at the back of the lower level. And the view from these seats is outstanding!

Great View from Tiger Den seats
View from Tiger Den Seats

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