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Minute Maid Park attendance and capacity
Ticket Availability:
With the Astros once again expected to contend for the World Series title, expect the crowds to once again approach 3 million (about 36,800 per game, 90% capacity). Although there will be some seats available on the primary market, the best seats will be found on the secondary market through reputable sites such as Ticket Network and AwesomeSeating. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.
Reselling Tickets ("scalping"):
Reselling tickets on Minute Maid Park property is strictly prohibited

Best View at Minute Maid Park

Club I 213-226
Bird's eye view from right around home plate, these are padded seats with extra leg room and in-seat wait service. It really doesn't get much better than this, and we've actually seen these listed on Ticket Network for as little as $37 (although you can generally expect to pay closer to $70+).

Dugout Box 112-126
Field level seats around the dugout and homeplate. The view is actually quite good here - the seat pitch is adequate to see over the people in front of you, with no discernable disadvantage to sitting in the upper rows of these sections (some sections can go 40 rows back). Even seats in row 20 make you feel like you are part of the action. We've found these going for as little as $33+fees when we checked Ticket Liquidator's inventory of a June 2014 weeknight game vs the Angels. The bulk of the listings may be $50+, but there were plenty of options available for other games in the $40 range.

Minute Maid Park Dugout Box 119 View

Best Value Seats at Minute Maid Park

Best Bang for your buck: Terrace Deck 314-324
The view is pretty good from up here because this is the lower 1/3rd of the top deck. These sections are located around the plate, with tickets generally going for around $30. You won't find too many seats in this ballpark for less than that.

LOWEST PRICES: Outfield Deck 432-434, 407-408
Staying in the lower rows is the name of the game out here. You are a considerable distance from home plate, but if you are looking for the lowest "get-in" price, this is it (deservedly so). At least you'll have a nice view of the retractable roof.

Cheapest seats at Minute Maid Park - Section 438 (roof open)

Minute Maid Park Section 438 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats for Families at Astros games

The cost of taking the entire family to the ballgame can add up really quickly. Unfortunately, the Astros do not offer discount tickets for children, although those 2 and under are admitted free if they sit on the lap of an accompanying adult. The Minute Maid Squeeze Play area is located near sections 132 and 133 and the Right Field Gate, and is one of the better play areas for children that we've seen at a Major League ballpark. In addition to a giant climbing structure, there are a number of baseball-themed games, and some nice photo-ops with cutout players and a few other items. My sons would strongly recommend visiting this area before (and during) the game. If you think you will need to go to this area during the game to get the wiggles out, you may want to consider getting seats near here. Although the roof is generally closed and you don't need to worry about being in the sun, if the roof happens to be open, most of the seats in the sections located around this area would be in the shade.

Field Box 129-134
Seats here run around $40 in general and are located on the lowest/field level.

Power Club 233-236
These seats run about $50 each, but some come with $15 concession credit (food or souvenirs). When purchasing these online, you may want to verify what you are actually getting. The view is nice, and the concessions seem a little less crowded on this level.

Terrace Deck 328-338
These go for about $30 each, and offer the best combination of view, price, and proximity to the play area. Although on the uppermost level, the 300-level sections comprise the first 10 rows of this level. 400-level seats are just a little too high for my taste, especially with the roof closed; the echo and the roof above tend to give me a claustrophobic feeling. But the lower rows of this level provide a decent birds-eye view of the game without breaking the bank (as also discussed in the Best Value section above.

Astros - Section 328

Minute Maid Park Section 328 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Sections for the Social Scene

With proximity to many bars and restaurants downtown, many fans party pre- and/or post-game, which can result in just about any section turning into a social scene.

Insperity Club

Insperity Club seats located just above sections 118-120

Crawford Box

Best Sections for impressing guests

Insperity Club
Unfortunately, these are among the hardest tickets to come by. When you are able to find them on the secondary market, look to spend about $200 apiece. The Insperity Club is located in a former press-box area, at the top of the first level directly behind home plate. Tickets here include a meal from a gourmet menu, non-alcoholic beverages (there is also a cash bar), and luxurious seating. More information can be found on the Astros Website.

Diamond Club
Sold only as season tickets, but occasionally available through online brokers like Ticket Network, these seats occupy the first few rows behind homeplate. Expect to pay no less than $200, but with that you'll get an extra-wide padded seat and in-seat wait service.

Club I 211-228
These are padded seats with extra legroom and in-seat wait service. Located on the second (club) level, they do offer a great view of the game. The better views will be in sections 218-220 - these sections only go 6 rows deep, and are located directly behind homeplate, but there really aren't any bad views up here. Most of the time, you'll be able to get these tickets for under $75 on Ticket Network.

Minute Maid Park - Club I Section 215

Minute Maid Park Section 215 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best seats to catch a ball

Your best bet to get a ball is during batting practice. To maximize your chances, get there 1.5 hours before game time. Note that batting practice is not always taken; teams tend to cancel BP before afternoon games. The visiting team will be taking BP when the gates open, and there are 2 areas you'll want to consider:

Crawford Boxes 100-103 in Left Field
These sections go only about 10 rows deep and are elevated 20 feet above the playing surface. With the left field foul pole only 315 feet from home plate, there will be balls flying into this section. Additionally, with a brick wall behind the 10 rows of seats (and metal advertising signs hanging above that), there will be plenty of ricochets coming at you from both directions. Be very alert out here! Also, this is where most of the fans seeking homerun balls tend to gravitate, so it can be a bit crowded out here.

Beware of fast flying objects from all directions during Batting Practice in the Crawford Boxes
Crawford Boxes During Batting Practice at Minute Maid Park

Bullpen Box 152-156 in Right Field
These sections are located a little further from home plate, and run about 20-25 rows deep. Although there will be fans out here, there is a little more room for you to operate and get home run balls. Your best bet is to stay on an aisle so that you can get easy access to 2 of these sections, and multiple rows. I observed 1 fan get 4 balls employing this strategy by standing between sections 154 and 155. An added bonus is that you have a chance to get some balls thrown up to you that may land in the bullpen if you hang out around sections 155 and 156. Good luck.

Fewer fans compete for Batting Practice Balls in Right Field
Bullpen Box Seats at Minute Maid Park

Best seats for getting autographs

Field box 127-132 (Astros)
These sections are located down the right field line, and you are likely to find some Astros stretching out here before the game. As they make their way out here and back, there's a chance they'll stop and sign for you, but unless you have seats in these sections, the ushers are likely to make you move away about 30 minutes before game time.

Field Box 106-111 (Visitors)
Located down the left field line, this is the area where you are most likely to get autographs from the visiting team. Get there when gates open to maximize your time, as the ushers will most likely start asking you to leave about 30 minutes before game time. Note that the tarp is generally stored around section 110, so you may want to avoid that area as it will be harder to reach over and hand a player anything to sign.

Fans lined up to get autographs in Field Box Section 128

Minute Maid Park Section 128 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Minute Maid Park's unique seats

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