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Angel Stadium - General Information

Capacity: 45,000
Average Attendance: 37,100 (2000-2013 seasons)
82% full
Ticket Availability: 2014 should be an interesting year for the Angels, with a mixture of veterans and young players like Mike Trout in the lineup. The Angels consistently draw well, and although there will be some seats available through the Angels Box Office, the best seats for most games will be found on the secondary market through reputable vendors such as Ticket Network and AwesomeSeating. Unlike other brokers, these guys do not have a price floor - so the market will determine the low end of the price scale.
Ticket Pricing: The Angels have a moderately complex pricing structure, with 3 tiers of games in 2012. Top Tier (tiers 2 and 3) games are Opening Day, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, and Saturday Night Concert Series games, and 32 different price points. If that wasn't complex enough, note that the Angels also state that "Prices for Tier 2 and Tier 3 games are subject to change without notice based on market conditions". On the plus side, children under 2 years of age are not required to have a ticket, and there are also discounted seats for older children in the Left Field Pavilion (more on this below).

Best View at Angels Stadium

Field MVP 111-126:
It goes without saying that the best seats are those directly around the dugout and home plate. The Field MVP seats are those in rows J-Z (10th thru 26th), offering a little better elevation and little lower price than those in the front of these sections. The sections along the 3rd base line (Sections 11-113) offer shade, and are closer to the Angels dugout, whereas 124-126 are close to the visitors and will get a bit more sunlight - depending on game time and time of year. Price range on these seats is generally from $90 to $150.

Great View from Angel Stadium Field MVP Section 125
(even from the last rows)

Note: Section view photo is approximate. Actual view from your seats may be different.
Photo Provided by SeatData
Club MVP 317-335:
These are 2nd level seats located between the dugouts offering an elevated view and access to 2 private lounges. The view is great, and these come with the advantage of padded seats. Tickets here generally run for over $100.

Best Value for Angels Tickets

Lower View MVP 412-425 & Lower View All-Star 410 and 427:
These seats provide a view from between the dugouts from the 3rd level, at a fraction of the lower level and club level seats described above. For a 3rd level, the view isn't terrible since they are in or near the infield. The Lower View All-Star sections (410 & 427) are located on the fringe of the infield and typically run around $25, offering nearly the same view as their neighboring sections (411 & 426) that fall into a higher-priced "MVP" price category, and typically around $40. If you can afford the $40 it costs to sit in the MVP sections, try to find seats in the middle of the range of Sections 412-425 to maximize your value. We've had luck finding some on Ticket Liquidator for as little as $35.
Lower View All-Star Section 410

Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats for Families

Left Field Pavilion 257-260:
The Angels box office has offered discount children's tickets for these in the past - not sure what the policy will be for 2014, though. Regardless, these seats are moderately priced and are located near the "Family Zone" (behind section 258), the Picnic Area, and the bullpens. If the action on the field doesn't hold the children's attention, maybe some stirring in the visitor's bullpen will! These seats sit in the sun for the early parts of evening games and most of day games, so be sure to pack some sunscreen.

Best Seats to Impress Guests

Diamond Club Sections 114-122:
These field level padded seats right behind homeplate offer the best/closest view to the game, and come with in-seat wait service and access to the Diamond Club, a restricted-access restaurant and bar that opens 1½ hours before the game. Tickets are hard to find, although StubHub may have some for $200 (other brokers generally run less, but unfortunately they just don't list these premium tickets as often - but it is worth checking Ticket Network).

Diamond Club Section 117 at Angels Stadium

Note: Section view photo is approximate. Actual view from your seats may be different.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Best Seats to get Autographs

Field Box 101-103, 133-135:
These are lower level sections right around each of the foul poles. The Angels are one of the few teams with an autograph policy that permits fans in these sections to seek autographs from the time the gates open until batting practice ends (approximately 40-45 minutes before gametime) - at which point you'll be asked to return to your seats. Although most gates open 90 minutes before gametime, the Homeplate Gate opens 2 hours before gametime (except Sunday). For Angels autographs it's best to get to sections 101-103 (by the left field foul pole) as soon as gates open. For visitors autographs you'll want to be near sections 133-135 at the right field foul pole, especially from 1 hour 20 minutes to 40 minutes prior to gametime as the team will be out warming up and taking batting practice. The earlier the better!

Best Seats to Catch a Ball

Right Field MVP 236-239:
The best time to get a free souvenir baseball is during batting practice, and you'll want to get there when gates open (Home Plate gate opens 2 hours before gametime every day except Sunday, all other gates open 90 minutes before gametime). While you could also go to the left field Pavilion sections 257-260, note that these are behind the bullpens - further from the plate and therefore a little harder for players to reach. You can also consider Field Box 101-103 and 133-135 right by the foul poles, but these sections will most likely be more crowded as a number of autograph seekers are in these areas. Also, if you're looking to catch a homerun ball during the game, it's hard to beat elevated Right Field MVP sections 236-239 because you get a good view at a decent price ($26 for most games).

Batting Practice Homerun seekers in Angels Stadium Right Field MVP Section 238

Note: Section view photo is approximate. Actual view from your seats may be different.
Photo Provided by SeatData

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