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Twins Ticket Availability:
For the first 2 seasons that Target Field was opened, attendance averaged nearly 99% of capacity. Attendance has remained relatively high, around 85% of capacity - even in the years the Twins have struggled on the field. Getting tickets directly through the Twins is possible, although you may be better off checking the secondary market for either better seats or better prices, as there are usually a good supply listed below face value. Reputable secondary sources include Ticket Network and AwesomeSeating.

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Best View at Target Field

Legends Club sections A-R:
If you're looking for the best view of the game, and an overall great experience, you can't beat the Delta Sky360 Legends Club sections A-R. In addition to being among the closest Club level seats in the league, they also provide you with access to the indoor club directly behind these seats. The Club area includes some upscale food and beverage offerings that are not available in most of the other areas of the ballpark, and provides you with an escape during inclement weather. Seats here generally go for $50 for most Twins games on Ticket Network .

View from the Legends Club at Target Field

Twins Club View

Best Value Sections at Target Field

Home plate Terrace 210-220:
These are the lower seats in the uppermost deck, right behind home plate. These give a similar view to the more pricey Club seats (described above), but for as little as $30 online.

Field View 301-307:
The lowest get-in price that we've found is in these uppermost seats down the right field line. The view isn't the greatest from up here, but you are in the stadium, and you are have overhead coverage. We've seen tickets going for about $5 online for late season weeknight games.

Target Field - Field View Section 301

Target Field - Section 301 (Field View)

Best Family Seating at Target Field

Home Run Porch Terrace sections 233-236:
Unfortunately at Target Field, there really is no play area for younger kids as we've found at many of the new ballparks. There are some baseball glove statues OUTSIDE the stadium, which we found to be very popular with school groups as they wait to get into Target Field. For those into video games, there is a Best Buy Gaming Zone near section 225 - near the left field corner - where the latest baseball-related video games are available for play. Note also that every Sunday at Target Field is Kids Day - with autographs available before the game, and kids run the bases after the game for those 14 and under. Autographs start at 11:55 on Sundays at the ramp on the Club level along the first base line; to run the bases, you'll want to line up near section 130 in left field at the end of the game. Dugout Box sections 1-6, along the 1st base line and close to the Twins dugout are very close to the players and action, but can be a bit pricey when bringing the entire family. The US Bank Home Run Porch Terrace sections 233-236 (on the main level in centerfield) offer shade and a close view to the action in the bullpen at a decent price. Although these seats are a long way from the action between the pitcher and batter, they are close to concessions and bathrooms.

Field Terrace sections 223-227:
Located on the upper level, these seats down the left field line get an adequate amount of shade, and offer a surprisingly decent view of the playing field. Also, we have seen face painters on this level for some a little bit of a distraction for young fans. Also, these sections tend not to be as crowded as some of the others for most games, so this would give a family a little room to spread out, if necessary. Also, at $30/seat on Ticket Network , these come at a decent value.

View from Target Field Terrace section 227

Best Seating for the Social Scene at Twins games

Club Level sections A-R:
There actually are a lot of "social areas" scattered throughout Target Field, but those with the best view are in the Club Level sections A-R. The indoor Club area behind these sections has plenty of food and beverage stands, including a bar near section R called "Townball Tavern", with plenty of historical pictures from an era when northern prairie towns played baseball against each other. As mentioned above, having indoor access during the game may come in handy during early and late season games.

Right Field Outfield:
The Great Clips Great Seats section in right field offers several rows of bar-rail seating. It offers the perfect setting for taking a small group of friends to the game and sitting on bar stools while making friends with those around you.

Left Field Bleachers 128-131:
Adjacent to these seats is a bar, the Twins Pub, in the left field corner. This area is also close to where Fox Sports North does pre- and post-game shows...We saw Twins legend Kent Hrbek hanging out around here for one of the games we went to.

Best Seats to Impress Guests at Target Field

Thompson Reuters Champions Club sections 7-10:
These padded seats are situated directly behind home plate. From here, you can hear the umpire's calls. This exclusive area includes complementary food and beverages (liquor and premium beers/wine is an additional charge), and in-seat service is also available. Tickets are not widely available, and will cost in excess of $200, but some have been found online .

Large and Padded Seats in Target Field's Champions Club Section

Thompson Reuters Champions Club

Legends Club sections A-R:
As mentioned above, the Legends Club offers the best views of the game and the skyline. The seats here are a little more spacious and padded, and the indoor Legends Club offers protection against the elements (if necessary) and additional food and beverage offerings that are not generally available throughout Target Field.

Dugout Box Sections 1-6 and 11-17:
These seats are in the first few rows around the dugouts (Twins are on the first base side, sections 1-6), offering a great close-up view of the game. They also provide access to an exclusive lounge behind these sections (underneath the seats) that provide shelter from the elements when the weather turns. Additionally, inside these lounges you will find a carving station where you can get a freshly-carved meat plate for under $20. Beverages are also available in here for additional cost. Although there is no view of the game from these lounges (except on TV), and the atmosphere consists of painted cinder block, the food is of high quality.

Best Sections to get a ball at Target Field

Bleacher Sections 128-131, Overlook Sections 136-138 :
The best place and time to get a souvenir baseball is in the outfield during batting practice. Note that batting practice is not always held before day games (especially those following night games). You'll want to be in Bleacher Sections 128-131 in Left Field or Overlook Sections 136-138 in Right Field as soon as gates open, which is 1.5 hours before game time on weekdays, and 2 hours before game time on weekends. Although the fences are closer to home plate in Right Field, they are taller - making it a little more difficult to reach the seats here. However, with no upper deck to steal longer homeruns, the right field plaza may yield more opportunities. Of course, it all depends on who is batting and which way the wind is blowing - it tends to be a toss-up on which area will yield more.

Get to the Right Field Overlook when gates open

Best Place to get Autographs at Target Field

Dugout Box Sections 1-6 & 11-17:
Dugout Box Sections 1-6 for Twins fans (along the first base line) and Dugout Box sections 11-17 for fans of the visitors. Up until 45 minutes before game time, ushers will generally let all fans into these sections - but will ask to start seeing tickets as the game draws near. These sections surround the dugouts and go right up to the field. Although players are not supposed to sign autographs within 45 minutes of gametime, I have personally seen players sign up until 10 minutes before gametime. Of course, you'll need a ticket to this section in order for that to happen. Note that these sections also provide fans access to exclusive Dugout Lounges behind these sections and underneath the seats. These lounges offer premium food (carved meats) as well as a wide variety of drink options (and an escape from inclement weather). Tickets for these sections are widely available on Ticket Liquidator and although you can expect spend $150 or more for seats like this in many ballparks, they will run you under $100 here for most regular season games.

Field Box Sections 102-103 and 125-126
Field Box Sections 102-103 for Twins fans, Field Box Sections 125-126 for visitors. These are the areas where the players warm up and stretch before the games. You'll need to head right here as the gates open to and try to catch the players before they head in.

Sunday Kid's Day
For children under 14, Sunday is Kids Day at Target Field. There is a pre-game autograph session that takes place on the ramp to the club level in right field at 11:55. The session only runs about 20 minutes, so be sure to get there early!

Dugout Box and Field Box Sections are where to go for Autographs at Target Field

Visitors Autographs at Target Field Dugout Box 1-6 at Target Field

Unique seating at Target Field

Home plate Terrace 217-218:
Located right near the 2 Ginger's Pubs, these seats have the unique distinction of being right by the Target Field Organist. That's right, the organist sits inside 2 Gingers Pub, and is visible to the public! We know of no other spot in the big leagues where this is the case, especially since most organists have been replaced by DJs. Admittedly, we do not go on the hunt for ballpark organists when we walk the park...we stumbled upon the organist here since she was sitting inside a pub! As stated above, we've seen these seats for as little as $30 on ticket reseller Ticket Liquidator.

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