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LoanDepot Park - General Information
21,500 (58% capacity) since 2012
Ticket Availability:
LoanDepot Park opened in 2012 to decent crowds, but has remained steady at around 21,500 fans per game since then, (about 58% of the 36.7k listed capacity). Many good tickets will be available through the Marlins box office at affordable prices, but the best seats and best deals will be found through reputable online brokers, with many tickets below face value. We've found the best prices (depending on seats) at Ticket Network and Ticket Liquidator. It pays to comparison shop and find the best deals! For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats.
Row numbering:
If the row # is actually a letter, this is closer to the field. In many sections, particularly the lower level and the upper Vista level, the first row is AA, going up about 10 rows depending on the section, before Row 1 starts.

Best View at LoanDepot Park

Home Plate Box 11-18:
These seats are just behind the all-inclusive (and hard to come by) Diamond Club Seats, right around home plate. And although not right on the net, this section starts about 5 rows back and gives you the best sights and sounds of the game. Note that rows start with letters, that the lowest row is "Row A" in these sections (except for "Row AA" in section 15), then convert to "Row 1" in about the 6th row (11 rows up from the field) You can actually get these seats at relatively affordable prices, and have been found online for $25 for midweek day games!

Legends Platinum 209-221:
Seats on the second level are slightly more affordable, with some found as low as $20. These provide a view similar to that in a suite or to the broadcast crews: elevated but not too far from the field, which some would argue provide the best site lines. Sections 209-221 are between the dugouts, which makes them preferable to Legends "Gold", which are further down the foul lines (but still a good view).

LoanDepot Park - Home Plate Box 17

LoanDepot Park Home Plate Box View
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Best Value Sections at LoanDepot Park

Bullpen Reserved 28-32 and 38-40:
Great seats that can be found starting at just over $10 on the secondary ticket market, slightly more if you buy directly from the Marlins. Sections 28-32 are in Left field near the visitors bullpen, whereas 38-40 are in Right field overlooking the Marlins bullpen. Arrive early for batting practice and try to catch a homerun, or get a ball tossed up to you by one of the players!

LoanDepot Park - Great value in Bullpen Reserved 30

LoanDepot Park Bullpen Reserved View
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Best Seats for Families

See value/view sections:
With few activities for children at this ballpark, there would be nothing to draw a family to sit in a certain area. It really comes down to personal preference, which for some of our readers, they prefer getting good value since the children would be uninterested regardless. Others claim that they want a view close to the action, so that kids will be engaged in the ballgame. With this being an enclosed stadium most of the time, sun/shade is really not a consideration. Please view the rest of this webpage to see what might be interesting to your family situation.

Best sections for the Social Scene

Recess Sports Lounge:
The area, out in left field features 3 bars, plenty of TVs, and a DJ. Tickets and more information can be found on the Marlins site.

Miami Brewing (drink rail):
This is a non-ticketed area on the main level in right center field, and offers a selection of local beers on tap, as well as in cans.

LoanDepot Park - Recess Sports Lounge

LoanDepot Park Recess Sports Lounge

Beer Selection at Miami Brewing at LoanDepot Park

LoanDepot Park Miami Brewing

Best Sections for impressing guests

Diamond Club FL3-FL8:
The first few rows of seats right around home plate (FL4-FL7) and adjacent the visitors dugout (FL2) and Marlins dugout (FL8) come with all you can eat access in the Diamond Club. These are very comfortable, padded seats within 5 rows of the field, with extra legroom and high backs. Tickets are surprisingly available and affordable, we found some for about $150 on Ticket Network.

Dugout Club FL1,2 and FL 9,10:
More affordable than the Diamond Club, at as little as $60 per ticket on Ticket Network, these tickets are slightly further down the line from the visitors (FL 1 & 2) and Marlins (FL 9 & 10) dugouts. The offer exclusive access to the Dugout Clubs, cushioned seats within a few feet of the field, and access to private restrooms. Arrive early and have the best chance to get autographs!

Dugout Box FL9 - Affordable Luxury

LoanDepot Park Best View
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Best seats to catch a ball

30-32 & 38-40:
Sections 38-40 in right field are near the Marlins bullpen, sections 30-32 in left field are near the visitors. If you are looking to catch a ball, your best bet is to arrive early when gates open (1 hour 40 minutes before game time) and camp out in these sections for battign practice. Security will allow you to stay here until about 45 minutes before game time when batting practice ends. Note that teams do not always take batting practice before afternoon games, so weeknight games are best.

LoanDepot Park - Batting Practice in Sec 31

LoanDepot Park Outfield View
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Best seats for getting autographs

Sections 3 & 26:
Generally, you are allowed to hang out in these sections up until 45 minutes before game time. However, the foul line fences quickly rise along these sides, so space is very limited. To get visitor autographs, you'll want to get to section 3 as gates open. Marlins are more likely to be found around section 26, but since batting practice is complete or near completion when gates open, you may not see many players around here. Again, there is very little space in these areas, due to the restricted Dugout Club seating taking up most of the prime autograph real estate; therefore, we recommend...
Dugout Club FL1-2 & 9-10:
In order to enter these sections to get autographs, you'll need to have tickets for these sections to access the area. Sections FL 1 and 2 are on the right field line near the visitors dugout, and FL 9 & 10 along the 3rd base/left field line, close to the Marlins dugout. These seats are also good for entertaining clients, as you get access to the exclusive Dugout Club, and can be found at a surprisingly affordable price, as noted above in the impressing guests section.

LoanDepot Park - Get Autographs in Sections 26

Getting autographs at LoanDepot Park
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Unique Seats at LoanDepot Park

Fish Tank Seats, Diamond Club:
Great seats with the only view of a backstop aquarium in the Majors. Read more about these seats above in the "impressing guests" section.

LoanDepot Park - Home Plate Aquarium!

LoanDepot Park Home Plate Aquarium View
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