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Citizens Bank Park General Info

Citizens Bank Park Attendance
Average: 40,300 (from 2007-2013)
Capacity: 43,600 (92% FULL)
Phillies Ticket Availability:
Crowds have remained large at Citizens Bank Park on a nightly basis as the Phillies continue to field a contending team, and visitors love to come to games. Many games will be nearly sold out, but there should be some tickets available at the box office (although not the highly recommended seats here). If the game is sold out, 500 Standing Room Only tickets will be made available on game day (9am for day games, 4pm for night games). With most of the tickets already snapped up by brokers or season ticket holders, you will find the best seats online through reputable resellers such as TicketNetwork and Awesome Seating. Both sites offer 100% guarantees. For a deeper review of the top 5 ticket brokers and discounts, please visit BestBallParkSeats. Note that scalping is not permitted on ballpark property (or in the parking lots surrounding the stadium) - so be sure to get your tickets beforehand!

Citizens Bank Park's Best View

Field Level, Sections 115-132:
It may seem like the obvious choice (Field level between the dugouts), but the fact that these are actually affordable by comparison to other parks around the bigs ($60 face value) is why they are listed here.

Hall of Fame Club, Sections 212-232:
Club level birds-eye view between the bases, also offers access to a private lounge. Although sold out through the primary market, these seats are listed at surprisingly affordable prices -- depending on the game -- at the brokers listed to the right (make sure to comparison shop).

Citizens Bank Park -- Section 228

Citizens Bank Park Section 228 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData


Roof Top Bleachers:
There are many reasons to sit out here, but the view isn't one of them. In addition to the fact that these seats are a long way from the field, located beyond Ashburn Alley in centerfield, these seats also have no view of the out-of-town scoreboard.

Best Value at Phillies Games

Standing Room Only:
Available for sold out games only, these tickets go on sale at the box office on game day -- 9am for afternoon games, 4pm for night games. These give you a view from 100 level, Ashburn Alley in the outfield, but are the most affordable option available to get you in to the big games as the Phils are making a playoff push.

Baseline Sections 111-114, and 133-136:
These sections are just into the outfield grass, giving you a similar view to tickets that go for about 1/3 more.


Outfield Pavilion, Sections 206-211 and 233-237:
This comes down to personal preference. These are second level seats down the outfield lines, that cost the same as field level outfield seats, sections 101-107 & 140-148. The advantage of the lower outfield seats includes both easier to get to and a chance to leave with a ball.

Best Seats for Families at Citizens Bank Park
Note that Citizens Bank Park does not offer reduced children's price tickets, but children age 2 and under do not need a ticket. It is expected that these children will sit on a parent's lap. However, this is still a kid-friendly ballpark, with plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained -- mostly on the lower (field) level.


Sections 108-114:
In addition to being field level seats (meaning you won't have to haul the entire family up to the second or third level), these sections are centrally located to:
  • Phanatic Phun Zone at the First Base Gate Plaza: a play area for kids 8 and under
  • Interactive games area near Right Field Gate (includes run the bases, ballpark pinball, and other games)
  • Make your own Phanatic: basically a Build-A-Bear Workshop behind section 135, featuring every Phillie fans favorite mascot!
More information on all of these cool kid activities can be found on the Phillies website

Terrace Level 317:
A less expensive option than the field level section also recommended, these are further from the action, but close to the Phanatic Kid's Corner. And, likewise, the Phillies website has more info.

Citizens Bank Park -- Section 317

Citizens Bank Park Section 317 view
Note: Section view photo is approximate.
Photo Provided by SeatData

Although an alcohol-free section (and cheaper seats!) would be nice for families, the Phillies have really gone out of their way to make the ballpark experience kid-friendly. Do remember to bring sunscreen for the little ones for the day games, as there are not many seats that offer shelter from the sun.

Best Seats for The Social Scene
What could be more social than a ballpark that's rocking for every game? The Phils have been playing winning baseball, and the park is sold out...this is the place to be. However, for an extra special occasion, consider these sections...


"Private club" seats:
Sections A-G (Diamond Club) and Sections 212-232 (Hall of Fame Club) offer not only impressive behind-the-plate views, but also access to private climate-controlled lounges and full-service bars. These tickets are sold out, but we've found some available in the online secondary ticket markets.

Rooftop Bleachers:
You're so far away from the action on the field, but close to the Ashburn Alley entertainment area.


There are no alcohol-free or designated "family" sections here. You can expect to have a good time regardless of what section you're in.

Best Seats for Impressing Guests

Diamond Club A-G:
If the location of these seats between the dugouts and directly behind home plate isn't impressive enough, these extra-wide & padded seats also come with access to a private full-service bar, which offers sit-down meals. Although sold out on the primary market, tickets are available on most of the secondary markets.

Hall of Fame Club 212-232:
Club level seating (about press box height), located between the dugouts. These padded seats also come with access to private lounges, where you can take advantage of a full-service bar and watch the game on the big screen in air-conditioned comfort.


Pavilion Deck 301-305:
You can't get much further from the action than here.

Best Seats for Getting a Baseball

Right Field sections 101-107:
The sweet spot of these sections is 104-105 area, where Chase Utley and Ryan Howard take aim. To get batting practice homeruns, be here from the times the gates open 2½ hours before gametime until 45 minutes before gametime. The only drawback of these seats is that you cannot see the out of town scoreboard, if that's important to you.

Left Field sections 140-148:
Similar to the Right Field Sections listed above, and Ryan Howard often sends homeruns this way, as well. Sections 142-144 seem to be the sweet spot, and the time to be here for batting practice is the same as describe above. Although you'll have a view of the out-of-town scoreboard from here, you will need to turn completely around to see the main scoreboard.


Sections 301-310, Rooftop Bleachers:
These are a LONG way from the plate, definitely not the place for ballhawks.

Best Seats for Getting Autographs

Be sure to buy your team logo ball before the game so you can collect autographs on it.

Baseline sections 109-114 and 133-138:
Best place to get autographs of the teams during their batting practice; The best time and place to get Phillies autographs is during Phillies batting practice (from the time the gates open -- 2 ½ hours before game time -- until about 80 minutes before game time in the front rows of sections 109-114. If you want visitor's autographs, the best place to be is sections 133-138 from 45 to 80 minutes before the game. You don't necessarily need a seat in these sections to be there during batting practice, but beware that the ushers may ask you to leave if you don't have a ticket for the section; ticketholders of these sections always have preference


Showing up less than 45 minutes before gametime:
MLB rules prohibit players from signing autographs within 45 minutes of gametime

Citizens Bank Park's Unique Seats

Rooftop bleacher seats
Although a long way from the plate, the bleachers (a tribute to the old Shibe Park) provide a unique perspective from which to view the game. Note that these seats include a $10 food/merchandise voucher.


This has been one of the most rocking stadiums for the past couple years. Although there are many seats that are "typical" of other ballparks, the total ballpark experience here is what sets it apart.

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